Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two years going on three

Soooooo.... I realize it's been almost a year since I posted! Whoops!!!

To be honest, it's not as if I have forgotten to post... it's really that I haven't quite figured out what to post about!! You see after a while hair is just hair... and there's only so much you can talk about when it comes to hair... especially if you're like myself where most days you don't style your hair and you simply shake it out and go. It's hair and it's growing. As of today unstretched it sits between the shoulder blades while stretched (not like it matters) it BSL. One style that I do enjoy doing when I have the time is the bun... as you'll see in a little bit

So my hair routine hasn't change besides the fact that I have tried on three separate occasions to dye my hair (box dye) and have only accomplished to had a slight tint to it... seen mainly in light only *eye roll* I'll admit I'm afraid of bleaching it to lift the color then applying color simply for the fact that I do not wish to weaken my locs. I just don't trust it even, conditioning be damned. So alas I'm stuck with the color God has given me, lol. Nothing wrong with that I suppose.

As far as styling goes, as I alluded to earlier I don't do much of it. Which is probably best when starting out your locs as excessive stretching can lead to locs weakening. Full disclosure: despite this philosophy I have had a couple of locs snap. I was dreading the day this would happen, but when the day came I found I didn't really care. Whereas when I first got my locs installed I think I would have freaked out and shed a tear or two...., but as you locs mature and begin to figure themselves out you accept that this is just part of the process! no big deal! Unless of course a few locs become several locs. Then maybe go see your consultant.

Speaking of consultant. I'm still seeing mine. I've been tempted to take a sisterlocks retightening class... but hell, who am I fulling. I can't even be bothered to style my hair. But maybe one day...

But enough of me yapping... here's so pictures  (selfies) in no particular chronological order of my hair in the past 12 months.

Oh and yes this has been the best hair decision I have made. No regrets and my BFF joined the sisterlocks family this past year! Yay!