Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sisterlocks at 19 months!...Counting down to two years!

October 2014  (3 months)          October 2015 (15 months)

From Neck Length to Shoulder Length - A year's difference
So as is typical of me I am overdue on posting updates. As of today I am... mmm 1 year and 7 month's into my journey. I find there's not much to talk about really. I mean it's hair... I wash it, I style it... sometimes, I retighten it and it grows (yay!). I've been eager to get past the 2 year marks cause if my other blogging sisterlockers are correct that's when you see some magical growth happening! I'm still religious about my retights every 4 weeks. And I wash my hair about a week and a half when my scalp gets too itchy to bare. My styling is still rudimentary at best. I'm so lazy with it! I admire all sisterlockers who put curls in their hair and do all this and that with it.... Enh.. I'm impressed when I actually get up and try to do something with it. Usually I just wake up and go, lol!
Woke up and tried...(lol)                       Wake up and Go                                    Styled

Loc Surgery!

Before       After 
So when I was a natural, before I started my locs I had issues with breakage. I did all the moisturizing tips every You-tuber ever published. My frustration with the issue is actually one of my bigger motivators to start my locs. Well the my old friend decided to rear its ugly head is quite a different way. Overtime I noticed several strands thinning mid length. The thinning actually looked to be due to unraveling of the pattern in some places (A result of premature abandoning of braiding and banding????  who knows? )  Naturally, this concerned me and frustrated me. I was prepared to simply take a scissor to the locks and cut away the weakened area and giving the loc a chance to start again. However, an epiphany came across me and I realize that this was the reason I had a consultant. I brought it to the attention of my consultant she  No problem! Come on by! She had me come over later that day and waaaahlaaaah! She fixed it! She did loc surgery. Now I couldn't see the technique she used (this is how they stay employed) but it clearly involved needle and thread. I thought the results  on my three problem locs looked amazing and natural. I tell you she proved her worth with that because I was on the fence of taking the retightening class and going it on my own. Not anymore!
Before       After 
Before       After