Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sisterlocks at 6 months

7 months
Ok, so the title is a little false. At the moment I'm actually past 6 months and currently I'm between 7 and 8 months, but those are such odd numbers for an update so I'm cheating.  I know I've been MIA on my journey somewhat.... but what is there really to say month to month that isn't grossly different from what I said the previous month?

4 months
4 Months
I have settled into my journey so much so it's hard to think of it as a journey. Shrinkage is still an "issue" an issue I don't think about but I know some people may be curious. My hair appears about 3 inches shorter that what it is. I don't notice it and it doesn't bother me. I do finally notice some growth. I'm think that may be due to locking process advancing. The more locked they become the less shrinkage there seems to be, which translates into the hair seeming longer. My sister says the biggest difference she has seen has not been in growth but has instead been in volume. I'm definitely more excited about volume then growth.


5 months
5 months
As far as staging I'm definitely settling into the budding phases.  Solid buds have formed on almost all of my locs and the matting process has started to to extend up the rest of the locs.  My late bloomers are the locs in the front. My champions are those towards the middle and the back. I can't wait until I get to the end of these teenage years cause your locs really do whatever it is they want. One day you're having a fabulous hair day, a good shake of the head and BOOM, you're ready for the runway. Other days there's nothing to be done with it. Some days you compromise with your hair.... "I see you unruly hair, and I raise you one loc soc."

Before my installation I did what I thought was a decent trim of my unhealthy ends. But through the budding stage you'll really find out how well of a job you really did.  It's a natural part of the locking process in the budding phase to have some buds fall off as your hair figures itself out. However, the unhealthier  or more straggly/uneven your ends are when you start the more likely a bud will grow on those weak ends and eventually snap off and form a more permanent bud where the ends are less straggly. Though I'm no consultant and I don't know how many is too many, I've had more than my preference of locs go through that aforementioned process. For future sisterlockers who may be reading this. My advice to you is to let go of your desire to keep all the length you can. Give you hair a nice EVEN trim before your install.  If your ends are not healthy and even you're gonna lose that length in the budding process, which logically makes no sense considering you pay per inch in your installation. So save your money and long budding stage


6 months
6 months

What can I say here. I wash it and let it be.   I will confess I abandoned the braiding and banding method way before my 6 months was up.  With the no conditioner no moisturizer ban I had way too much breakage from the rubber bands and braiding than I was comfortable with. Now I'm not saying this is for everyone. I have a really tight and dry curl pattern which made slippage non problematic for me.

I've been religiously getting my hair retightened every 4 weeks. I'm actually kind of sad cause my consultant will be out on maternity leave (congratulations to her!) and I have to find a replacement for the next several months. This has made me play with the idea of taking the retightening class myself, maybe that's next step in the journey.

New Year's Eve
I'm back to using the sisterlocks starts shampoo . Because I have past my 6 months mark I now sparingly moisturizing my scalp and hair after a wash with a oil mix I have. I'm holding off conditioners until I get the OK from my consultant. I'm not trying to over due it on the moisture as they're still locking but I don't want dry brittle hair either. It's a balancing games as always


To keep excess water out of my hair after a wash I will flat twist my hair and let it dry that essentially my styling. I've calmed down on the updos, doing them only on occasion in which I'm dressing up for something. I once put them on rollers once. But mainly I just let it be as to not interrupt the locking process as much as possible.

Well that's all I have for an update.

3 months (top), 5 months (bttm), 7 months (rt)