Friday, August 29, 2014

If you could design your man....

I have no real point to this blog post besides sharing my own amusement or bemusement... or both. I came across this journal entry of mine not too long ago, after a year or so full of dates and flings I'd rather not remember. I do remember, though, discovering all the things I did not like in a man and from there deciding what I wanted in a man and made a pledge to myself to not compromise on these things. What do I think about this list now? Well, I think it's funny that I actually sat down and made it. As far as its usefulness... Iuhno, some of the things that I listed were naive and/or shallow, so the verdict is still out.  I will say #29 is still an absolute must!! Although my current amour passes the 28/37 rule ( I have no idea what logic I employed to come up with that rule)... so maybe I was on to something. Either way I find it amusing..

My next boyfriend/eventual husband…. 28/37 Required must be demonstrated before entering in official relationship This is the pledge I make to myself.

1. Will love and treasure the beauty this is in found black women
2. Will love my natural hair
3. Will be wonderful in bed and " Follow the Leader"
4. Will be honest about his feelings and intention to himself and me
5. Will be family oriented yet still independent of his family unit
6. Will love and be loved by my father
7. Will have a salary that exceeds mine
8. Will support and encourage my career goals and aspirations completely
9. Will propose to me within three years of dating
10. Will be taller than me with heels on
11. Will be strong and supportive
12. Will be my shoulder to cry own
13. Will let me know when I'm being ridiculous
14. Will be confident enough to put his foot down when appropriate
15. Will be fit, healthy and universally attractive
16. Will quickly recognize that there is so much underneath the surface and be eager to explore and get to know me better before making any decisions about me
17. Will have a sexual appetite to match and compliment my own
18. Will be a fantastic kisser
19. Will be a simple yet complicated man that intrigues me
20. Will actually be a "grown" Man
21. Will have his own place where he lives by himself or just one roommate
22. Will know how to communicate in a relationship
23. Will be an intellectual
24. Will be faithful and trustworthy
25. Will have eyes and lips to die for
26. Will find my strength and independence as one of my better qualities
27. Will be generally curious about what I do even if he doesn't fully understand it
28. Will be able to hold an intellectual conversation with me
29. Will love football
30. Will be understanding of any friendship I have with other men
31. Will share some of my favorite pastimes and hobbies
32. Will love to travel
33. Will be past worrying about what others think.
34. Will find my tattoos intriguing
35. Will love dogs
36. Will challenge me and himself to always do better and  accomplish more
37. Will see my sacrifices and things I do for him and be worthy of them