Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Cogito Ergo Sum

I lay in bed hoping to sleep but the only thing I accomplish is to think... I think therefore I am? I am tired. I am stressed, I am worried, but I am blessed...

I think of questions that I cannot answer. I think of solutions that will be ignored. I think about love and I think about pain and I wonder why both feel the same. 

I wonder about the future. I wonder about the past. I wonder about the many things I fought for, but did not last. I wonder about the present moment and I question how it's possible that I'm living... but not living in it. 

I question who I am. I question who I was and I question who I am to become. I question The Lord and his plans for me. I question whether my dreams will just remain fantasy. I question my feelings and wonder how something inside of me could be so foreign. 

I wonder about the world. I wonder about humanity. I wonder about compassions empathy and the definition of sanity. I wonder how people can cry at a heartfelt video tribute of a dying person then think thoughts brewed in hatred because a person dared to be different. 

I think about tomorrow. I think about today. I think about those less fortunate and where their heads lay. I think no one notices me, like no one notices them. I think about the different battles we all must be fighting within. I think about a lot. I think it doesn't matter if no one gives a damn about what I think. The point is, is that I think.. Therefore I am.