Saturday, August 16, 2014

Calling an Introvert

So I'm sitting here, minding my own business, watching a movie that I've seen a million times before, while googling whatever random thought is passing through my head when all of a sudden.... The phone rings. I stare at it sidelong. My inner voice groans why--eeee? I stare at it. Then I commence a debate I have with myself every time my phone dares to ring.

Me: What is that noise???
Myself: Phone
I: Oh sh*t.... the phone. 
Me: Are you going to answer it?
Myself: I dunno, I haven't decided yet
I: Well who is it?
Me: Does it matter...?? don't answer. 
Myself: It could be important, tho... 
I: I mean, can we just check the caller ID at least?
Me: Why? I don't feel like talking on the phone, no matter who it is. 
Myself: Eff it, I'm checking the caller ID.. 
Me: Don't do it!!
I: I don't know this number  or alternatively: (crap it's [enter name here])
Me: Yep, defintely don't feel like talking to them 
Myself: But why are they calling?
I: No one calls us... so it really could be important... 
Me: Well answer it then..
Myself: You answer it!
I: Whoops looks like it went to voicemail...
Me: Yessssssss
Myself: Hope it wasn't important.
I: What were we doing again??? Oh yeah...
Me: Wait... so who's gonna check the voicemail... 

Introverts have a preference for their internal worlds vs the external world. This doesn't mean we're total recluses now without need for social interactions. We just need... less of it. Now with regards to the phone scenario, I'm sure not every introvert is like this and I'm sure some extroverts can be like this. In fact, I'm not always like this. When I do choose to answer the phone it's usually out of curiosity, however. But more often then not the interruption in my internal world by the external reality of the phone ringing makes me want to runaway. 

If you're friends with an introvert be cognizant of their inner worlds they live in. Some of us require less time in those worlds then others. But when we're ready to come out, come out we will and we will reach out to you. We'll make it known in our own way that we're ready to play! So to sum it up... Don't call us... we'll call you... probably... maybe.. Well never-mind, no. We'll text you! Yes, in fact, it's probably just best that you text us... even if it's an emergency. You'll probably get a response sooner.