Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ancient Art

The smell of cinnamon in the fall
Sounds of lustful laughter says it all
The feel of desire's embrace and kiss
Changes a moan to a silent wish...

The courting of lips, skin and tongue
The dance of hips that sin a song
Of beating drums by thumping hearts
The careful caresses of an ancient art.

The exchange of breaths from soul to soul
Come together making them whole
The tickle of hair on satin skin
Turns wandering hands deep within

The arching backs and quivering legs
The rake of nails that plead and beg
The bite of teeth that pierce the flesh
Feeds the need of desire’s distress

The tango of passion in tangled sheets
The climax of bliss where two bodies meet
The chill of sweat and whispered names
Replaces the moans from wench they came

The quieting hearts in intimate dance
The tangle of limbs in embrace, enchant  
The blanket of pleasure heavy & sweet
Lures the mind into a quiet sleep

The trickle of light from the setting moon
The beginning of love to blossom soon
The ballads of birds will coax the sun
Who soon reveals where two are one