Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The $i$terlock$ $ecret

So I'm a naturally curious sort and I've always wanted to know what makes sisterlocks.... well Sisterlocks. Every now and then I would google "sisterlocks technique", "sisterlocks tool" etc etc. Google knows everything and I knew somewhere someone has spilled the beans, no matter how efficient their legal team is. Loopholes exist everywhere. Why did I want to know? Did I want to install my own locks? Absolutely NOT. Did I want a cheaper alternative? That would be nice but I would rather have it done "right", if there is such a thing as a right way (now I'm not so convinced there is). Do I want to maintain my own hair without having to pay a ridiculous fee to learn how to do it after already paying the steep price for the install... Hell yes!

But truth be told the real reason I wanted to find out was because, although I paid the fee and have no regrets, I have to count myself lucky to be able to afford such an expenditure. Not everyone is. But I don't think that should exclude you from being able to embrace your hair and a style that will benefit it and yourself as a person. The creator of the sisterlocks process has the audacity (IMHO) to say (and I'm summarizing) that hair is one of the things that is holding black people back and how sisterlocks is essentially breaking that barrier..... Really though? SOoOoOoooOo... how much sense does it really make to attach such a hefty price tag on to it and then continue to nickel and dime embracers and those who want to maintain their own hair by charging them even more to learn how? It's really the fee for the retightening class that bothers me most. It just seems greedy to me. But that's none of my business.

Although I plan to stay with my consultant for at least 6 months to a year to ensure I start healthy locks, eventually I know I will take my hair's maintenance into my own hands. So thus I googled and googled and googled. Well first let me say this. The law team is very good at ensuring the full picture is never revealed in one place. So what I began to find were pieces of the puzzle.  I believe I have collected all those pieces. I have some thoughts and opinions about some of the things I found, but I'm gonna keep those to myself since I am no expert by far. So I'll just provide those of you some of the puzzle pieces that I've found and let you decide how they fit together or even if they belong at all. If you have any other great resources that you like, please share them!

Be Well and Have fun!

Puzzles Pieces:
Puzzle Piece #1
Puzzle Piece #2
Puzzle Piece #3
Puzzle Piece #4
Puzzle Piece #5 (Hint: check out 5:17)