Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sisterlocks!!....I finally did it!

So I think I  may be adding a new focus to this blog. In addition to my random ramblings on life (which there hans't been much of) I think I'm going to also begin chronicling my newest journey. Sisterlocks!! If you don't know what they are, well, Google exists, explore its wonders!

I originally contemplated getting Sisterlocks back when I first went natural in 2007. The price and my overall propensity to take forever to make a decision delayed me getting them for... uuh 7 years? lol. To be honest I fell in love with natural hair and was having fun with it.  Every so often, usually when I hit a "hair" road block, I would contemplate Sisterlocks all over again, only to eventually talk myself out of it again. However, I realized that fun had finally come to an end when I would much rather throw my hair in a wig and not deal with it... then well... to deal with it. So after finishing a couple endeavors in my life, one day I woke up and said, "it's time"... within a week I had an appointment with a consultant. One June 23, 2014 I finally did it.

My free natural hair was 12-10 inches with a 4B/4C curl pattern, My actual locking process took 24 hours over 2 days and we don't talk about the cost. So far I love my locks. Right now in their infancy I've been treating them similarly to mini twists, since that's what they look like for the most part. Doing simple styles and calling it a day. I'm a "get up and go" girl, so I'm loving the fact that I don't have to spend as much time on my hair. A quick swoop to the side and I'm more than happy to go.

Day 2 after Installation 

I'm anticipating that the locking process won't take too long, 3 months (fingers crossed) 6 months max. My hair was meant to lock, lol. After 4 weeks my test locks were well on their way. Most recently I did my first wash. which felt amazing. The "no products for 6 months" rules is going to be my hardest thing to follow. It must be the old natural in me, but I cannot stand the feel of this dryness!!  So finally putting water on my hair was everything! I have to fight every night in the shower the temptation to just dunk my hair. I did cheat a little and after my wash I added some vitamin E oil to my scalp to help prevent an itchy and dry scalp. My first wash came with both good news and bad news. Good news, the majority of my locks were entering the budding stage already! Bad news... me and shrinkage would have to be best friends. This wasn't unexpected in the least bit since my hair had crazy shrinkage as a free natural. I'm just worried about how long this marriage to shrinkage is going to last.  Luckily I look relatively ok with short "hairstyles" (hairstyles equalling swoop and go) and don't mind the shrinkage so far.
Week 2: Shrinkage and Budding
Overall I'm excited I finally made the plunge.  Not too shabby, within the first week of having them done I got my first "Are those Sisterlocks? question. So I'm relatively pleased so far. Although when I look through pictures of Sisterlocks around the web I wish I started them back when I had the idea in 2007.  Ah well, I'm excited for my journey and I'm confident in my decision.  Hellloooooo Sisterlocks!!