Monday, July 28, 2014

Sisterlocks at One month

One month-versary
So it's been roughly a month since my sisterlocks install and today I had my first retightening. To be honest I don't have much to say about it, lol. The retightening went well, wasn't too long. My consultant was great as always. She said that people tend to fall into two categories. Those that like the look of their locks freshly after retightening, and those that like the look of their locks right before retightening. I find that at the moment I like it best maybe a week after retightening. I will probably be keeping with a 4 week schedule, since coming upon 4 weeks I felt like my hair was starting to look a liiiiitle bit crazy. lol


As for how this first month has gone. Everyone's hair is different, and I know that no oils or products is supposed to go into the hair for 6 months, but twice my hair was so dry i had to add some very light oil. I added it mainly to my scalp which was constantly itchy and flaking. I think I plan on trying to wash my hair weekly now instead of twice weekly to see if that helps a bit with the itchy scalp. I have realized that more frequent washing prevents my hair itself from becoming too dry and feeling like a brillo pad. But the dry hair sans-products is what promotes locking. I just need to find some sort of balance there I think. The whole banding thing doesn't really bother me.


I haven't really explored styles really. Like I mentioned in a previous post my go to style is the flip to the side and go. I wasn't as comfortable with the decrease in length and the somewhat diminished look of fullness after saying goodbye to my fro initially. Because of that I really haven't worn it out just is, but I'm finding I like the as-is look freshly after a wash due to the crinkling produced by the braiding and banding. So I'm starting to embrace that look a little more. I have done a couple of up-does which look cute and have turned out well, but for the most part, until its fully-locked I plan on keeping styling to a minimum.

The "Journey"

I guess right now it doesn't really feel like a journey to me, mainly because journeys have destinations. I think this is more of a process, just like going and being natural was its own process. I guess the thing that I can most identify as a destination are the stages. Right now, as suspected I'm entering the budding stage, not fully there yet. I am really looking forward to December which would be 6-months for me. I guess one of the reasons I always wanted sisterlocks is because I wanted less maintenance in general. And while locks are not maintenance free I am looking forwarded to not braiding and banding and having the option to just get up and go if I wanted without feeling like I need to style it, even if that style is a simple flip and go. In fact when I can put it in a loose twisted bun, I'll be set to go.