Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let's Be Honest...

We as people, for the most part, value honesty. But maybe second to one's own mother, there's no one who lies to you more than yourself. One of my biggest challenges I'm finding is learning how to be honest with myself instead of making excuses, when what I think I am doesn't match my performance. So take a moment and let's stop making excuses. Let's be honest.... with ourselves

  • Did you REALLY deserve that promotion that was given to someone else?
  • Did you REALLY study hard enough on the test for that A you think you deserve?
  • Are you REALLY doing enough to meet your goals that are just out of reach?
  • Did you REALLY give it your all?
  • Are you REALLY as good of a friend as you think you are?
  • Are you REALLY thankful for all that you've been given?
  • Did you REALLY help as much as you could have?
You get my drift. I guess my point is... if there is even one to be made. If someone lobbies a complaint at you, or you feel it's necessary to complain yourself. Take a moment and be honest. What actions of yours could have contributed to the outcome that is bothering you at the moment? No one in completely innocent in any situation.