Wednesday, August 07, 2013


I have come to see that hope is a silly thing to believe in., a silly thing to have. Hope in its definition leaves open the possibility for failure. In fact its very existence rests upon the existence of failure. You don't hope for the best, in reality you hope that the worst doesn't happen. In having hope we embrace and acknowledge the fear for the worst, a fear for failure.  The more we hope, the more we fear the worst is going to happen. The law of attraction tells us that what we obsess about the most we manifest in our life. So is it unreasonable to think that having hope is a way to manifest the worst possible outcome in our lives? Instead of having hope we should know that situations that the universe puts us in happen for a reason, even the bad ones. When bad things occur we must not HOPE for the best, but instead we must KNOW that in the end everything will be work out. In the end everything will be ok, and will be as the universe intended. As long as we know how to put the universe to work for us, manifesting positive outcomes, we cannot fear that the bad things we do experience won't lead us to marvelous things in the end. We cannot hope for the best, we must know and trust that the best is on it's way. In whatever it is that we are experiencing know that this is just part of the road that'll lead to great things to come. Do not hope for the best, know that the best is yet to come.