Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Love

I have been in Love
I have fallen out of love
I have loved too much
I have loved not enough
I have loved some not in love with me
I have been given love I never returned
At times love was not enough
At times love was too much
I have begged for love
I have cursed love
I have appreciated old loves
I have feared new loves
I have created love
I have destroyed love
At times love was my strength
At times love held me back
I have ran away from love
I have chased love down
I have cried because of love
I have grown angry because of love
I have been confused by love
I have been enlightened by love
At times love has fulfilled me
At times love has left me empty
I have been stupid with love
I have been smart with love
I have been reckless with love
I have been cautious with love
I have been too giving with love
I have been too stingy with love
At times I have chosen not to love
At times I couldn't help who I loved
Because I am full of love
So I will love
And I do love
Because I am love and love is me
So I love to love and I seek to love Love
And I will love to love Love so I can love to love me